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Also known as Flopper-Stopper, Sand Bag Sling, Boob Sling, or Potato Sack. Similar in origin to "Granny Panties". Bra which is strictly purchased and worn because of it's supportive nature, typically when the owner's breasts will rest on her belly or point to the floor without it. Every woman has at least 1 that is similar in her underwear drawer. It's white, un-padded, wide strapped, front or back closure with several hooks, with or without an underwire. Can not be classified as "lingerie" as it is strictly an undergarment or soft support with no attractive properties.
When she took her shirt off she was wearing a Granny Bra! That's false advertising!

Girl X: Are you gonna take Ben home tonight?
Girl Z: I definitely can't, it's laundry day.
Girl X: Oh no, Granny Panties?
Girl Z: And Granny Bra. FML
by WonderWoman80 October 13, 2010
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