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To indulge in life to its fullest by engaging in activities such as:

1. consuming mass amounts of alcohol

2. posting up at local bars (Park Bar, Tom's Tavern)

3. busting out ridiculous signature dance moves like the Tomahawk chop, the hand-bob, and the Orange Juice

4. spending most of your salary on a vehicle you never drive

5. jumping thru your own back windshield

6. sleeping in a minivan at a used car lot

7. walking into the wrong house at 3AM and being booked by the cops

8. watching the evolution and buddyhood organizational development unfold

9. taking dance lessons where learning how to dance is secondary and obsessing over your instructor is primary, and barely affording to pay for said lessons

10. bunny-scaring while at celebratory group events

11. working on your fitness while doing buddy curls and drinking protein shakes

12. embracing your own lifestyle and letting others know about it

13. marketing dedication for turbos and shawties

14. spending 24 hrs a day 7 days a week thinking about how bad you need a turbo

15. man-e-facing
Look at that fool on the dance floor, he must be living the grandrous lifestyle!!
by Crenny Cren Cren September 16, 2008
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