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Granpda Rome is a character in the popular online manga, 'Axis Powers: Hetalia!' He

shows up 3 times throughout the show thus far. Once, in the very beginning,

being described as a hero and a legend. Again, for the same purpose later on. He

finally gets some character development, in 'Axis Powers: Hetalia!' season 2,

episode 31, when he shows up inside of Germany's ,(Ludwig's), house in search of

one of his grandchildren, Northern Italy (Feliciano Vargas). He is shown as a

goofy, hungry, fun-loving ladies man, with nothing better to do... Grandpa Rome is

everybody's grandpa, along with his counterpart Germania!

Other Info:
Age(by appearance): 30-ish
Name: Unknown
D.O.B: 509 B.C.
Death: 476 A.D.
"Ah! You must be quite the ignorant person, not to notice because of my

god-like-body, and steel-like-strength, that I am none other than the great

Roman Empire! >:D"

"509 B.C., You banished The King of Etruria and became a Republic....the Roman


"Ah ha! I am Grandpa Rome!"=
by Tolomer September 08, 2009
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