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Possibly one of the greatest racing games ever made, Grand Prix Legends is an F1 simulator based in 1967, which is considered by Formula One followers as the last "proper" year of F1 racing. There was no sponsorship, no driver aids, and no aerodynamic wings. Grand Prix Legends, known as GPL to it's fans, was released by Papyrus Racing Games in 1998, but barely looks it's age, due to a dedicated online community releasing new tracks, and graphic updates for the tracks, and stunningly detailed updated car 3-d models. It also has one of the most complete game demos available; the "GPL 2004 Demo" comes preloaded with all the graphic updates, the ability to run a full grid of cars, and the ability of installing all the add-on tracks. Only 10 of the original tracks are missing. GPL is still growing, and will continue to improve for a long time.
"Can anyone give me a guide to the Nurburgring on Grand Prix Legends? I keep crashing at one corner."
by Sam H. July 14, 2005
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