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One who is obsessed with correcting grammar to the point of bitchiness.
A grammar bitch may point out that in the last post, "whose" should have been "who's" because it was most certainly not possessive.
by Lord Grammar Troll December 07, 2011
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== Grammar Bitches ==

The English cult/revolutionary group hell bent on protecting the principles of language and of forms of speech on the internet.


Originally formed on June 26th, in the teen forums, GovTeen. The aim was to correct peoples gramatical and spelling mistakes and correct anything written in "Text Talk".
"U r writin in sum reely bad form of englis!!!1 L0LZERS!"

"Correction: You are writing in a very bad form of englsih. Haha.

You have been served by a Grammar Bitch."
by SirRoss August 25, 2004
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Someone who is overly obsessed with correcting everyone's grammar. Usually to the point of obnoxious, pretentious bitchiness.
"I get sick and tired of the Walmart chick saying "May I help whose next?" every time I go to Walmart.", said the grammar bitch. And at the same time she screams at you for saying you feel good instead of well.
by yazman101 June 24, 2011
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