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The name of a super-powered cockney brewer, of whom spares no one and consumes all with his beer-related powers. This comic was short lived, and very few examples still exist, just some old bad tasting beer. It is common for people to curse his name when something goes wrong, or is in the process of doing such.

His most famous and well known attacks include "Kamehamebeer" "Distructobeer" and "Special Beer Cannon"

This super hero was created by David Edwards in the early 90's, and his fan site can be found via:
the website representing the fictional brewery Graham was supposedly created in.
Chap one: "Who on earth made this horrible mess?!"
Chap two: "Graham."

Chap one: "Good lord, someones missing?"
Chap two: "Must be Graham Edwards."

Chap one: "They're flanking us!"
by WLB91 April 06, 2009
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