A extremely hot creature thats natural habitat is in a highschool
Derek's sister is such a grade 9, i want to give her a arnold.
by chrastoam April 27, 2006
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the act/process/thought of getting extremely hammered, similar to that of your first time being intoxicated in grade 9
"Hey man, are you going to that party tonight?"
"Yea for sure, I plan on getting grade 9 drunk"
by GetShmammered May 8, 2010
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A type of class which is know for being retarded, also known as a class where everyone has extra chromosomes.
This class it a grade 9 class.
by Mr_GlowingBeans June 13, 2022
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Roni Melamed, Obviously.
Dave: Who are you going to vote for grade rep?

Jennifer: I'm gonna vote for Roni M, obv. She's the best candidate for grade 9 rep.
by VoteForRoniM September 26, 2020
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