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Highly intelligent, quiet sexual psychopath. U won't believe how good. Extremely charismatic. Once in ur heart u will never be whole without him.
When tired of the regular rigamonroe and want something thrilling and exciting that's a Graciano.
by LG78/76 June 25, 2011
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A Graciano is a lazy male employee with little to no life experience who stands around all day and watches other people work with a stupid smile on his face. Gracianos rarely wear clothes that fit (too tight) and often times poop on the toilet seat and leave it there for others to clean up. Gracianos usually get their jobs because they know somebody else who works there already, but rarely make it through the probationary period. Gracianos make decent casheirs in warehouse environments during times of lite foot traffic.
Damn son! That fuckin Graciano over there didn't do shit all day! He only has two speeds! Slow, and Stop!!!
by Treylsend the Definer June 16, 2018
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