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n. (go-zard)
1) A gopher/lizard hybrid
2) Derogatory term used to refer to a girl that looks like a mix between a rodent and reptile, who also has a tic or a strange facial mannerism. A twitching butterface.
A girl with small lackluster eyes and mousey features. Perhaps with an odd, jerky way of flipping her hair or an annoying burp or eye twitch.
I can’t believe that guy is flirting with Danielle, he must be drunk, she is such a gozard. She looks like Godzilla and Minnie Mouse’s love child.
by raejae December 29, 2008
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To release a natural occurring biological gas which renders those in the immediate vicinity paralyzed with an uncontrollable gag reflex.

The gas attack remains embedded in the victim's brain for the rest of their lives.

Children and the elderly suffer harsher side effects from being Gozar'd then the general population.

No known air freshener has been known to combat or eliminate the gas from the immediate vicinity. The safest course of action is to flee the area immediately.
Man 1: Hey do you smell that? *gag*

Man 2: Yeah! Smells worse than a rotting corpse! *gag*

Man 1: Oh man we got Gozar'd! *gag* Run outside! Fast! *gag*

Man 2: Must *gag* get *gag* to *gag* fresh *gag* air! *gag*
by txag98 August 15, 2011
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