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A game from Sewaren played by two or more people, the game being triggered by someone saying "Go" and holding their hand out as if to receive a "down low" five. If you miss the said "Go" then you will be smacked in the face by the go-er. However, if you hit the hand, the title of smack giver is given to you, you get to hit the other person in the face. There are many different rules, but this is the basic setup. You can also call reverse, which basically means if you hit the hand, you get smacked in the face. We've fashioned the term "Goverse" to mean go and reverse, so you can fool your friends.
Rafael - Go

Dominck - *Fakes like he wasn't paying attention and hits hand*

Rafael - *Slapped in the face*

Dominick - "guhguhguhguhgoverse reverse reverse gooooooo"
by JustYou'reAverageBeaner July 30, 2012
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