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As a result of a beef involving Lil Wayne of YMCMB and Pusha T of GOOD Music, the former released a diss track titled 'Goulish'. Because neither Lil Wayne nor anyone who had overviewed the process of releasing the track knows how to spell, the word 'Goulish' is missing the 'h' (Ghoulish is the correct spelling). Therefore, the word is spelled the same way as the track, 'Goulish.'

The term has come to mean the following:

to ether oneself.

Now, to ether in the art of rap music has come to mean to diss someone so severely that the disrespected person's career is never the same, or totally over. The term ether originates from Nas's diss track of Jay-Z (even though Jay-Z's career remains strong).

To ether oneself, though, is entirely different. In this case, one would release a diss track towards another person expecting to ether them. But instead, the diss track is so bad and disliked, the artist who made the diss track is forced to end his own career.

In the much broader sense of the term, 'goulish' can simply mean to end one's own career without having the intention of doing so.

So, now, instead of saying 'Frank ether'd himself', a person would use the term "goulish'd."

The term can be spelled "goulish'd" or "goulished."
The term can be said in the following ways, though some may be redundant:

Original: Lil Wayne goulish'd himself with the diss track 'Goulish.' Hopefully his career is only down hill from here.

Wow, did you see Rabbit at the hip hop shop last night? He got goulish'd when he said the line about watching My Little Pony.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was goulish'd when the news broke that he was cheating on his wife with a Latina Maid.
by il temuto May 27, 2012
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