I stuck myself in gotz and damn I lasted 25 seconds
by Daniel Barry September 04, 2008
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To fool around with somebody.
To make out with somebody.
To act horny with people around.
Damn I would give a hundred bucks to gotz around with that chick!
by Dr.Dom June 25, 2010
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When someone says something stupid and rude over the phone and you finally get tired of them talking so you say "diz bitch gotz to go" then hang up.
Her: Who is this?
Me: You called me.
Her: I'm calling the slut that slept with my man.

Me: Who are you calling a slut?
Her: You, you slept with my boyfriend!

Me: Your man wanted it!
Her: You cunt!
Me: Diz bitch gotz to go. (hangs up)
by Mia Love January 17, 2015
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Big tall gay kid, walk like a gay penguin and enjoys having sexual relationships with men
I’m a gotz so I’m retarded and gay
by BigMan68 November 28, 2018
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Sorry did you mean medieval FUCKING THANOS 2.0
So what do you think would happen if gotz of the iron hand snapped?
by GutsyYoyoMaster June 06, 2019
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