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When seeing a group of one or more goth people prevents you from carrying out your intended activity. Somehow seeing these black clad punks (who usually turn out to be pretty nice people) is enough to deter you from your intended path or destination and so you wander elsewhere to avoid feeling awkward because you are too scared to walk past them, thinking that they might attack you with their shiny pants and throw tubes of black eyeliner at you.

DISCLAIMER: I did not make up "goth blocked" I saw it on a youtube video and thought it would be a worthy addition to Urban Dictionary. Don't sue me!!!! All originality of this phrase I credit to TheRealParis (youtube name). Don't hate me Paris. <3
Dude, I was running a slew of errands and I was going to walk into Target but there were these Goths hanging out right in the entrance so I didn't go in.

I've been Goth Blocked.
by colour January 28, 2010
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