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An "undersea battleship" that is capable of aerial flight and can drill underground as well. The Gotengo is an icon of Japanese science-fiction cinema, originally appearing in ATRAGON (1963) where it annihilated an undersea empire and battled the snake god Manda. In GODZILLA FINAL WARS (2004) it is destroyed in a battle with Godzilla, but later rebuilt just in time to take on aliens from Planet X.

The Gotengo also made an appearance (as the Gohten) in THE WAR IN SPACE (1977). In this film, essentially the Japanese answer to STAR WARS, it was portrayed as a spaceship which traveled to Venus in order to end the threat of an alien menace.
Gotengo's our last hope, you say? Nah, you're wrong.
by nadiafan21 March 13, 2005
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