Ancient word of saying you have a skill or something of importance that should not be said do to it being illegal, stupid, or you may have nothing at all, because the cake is a lie. So therefore saying you have cakes, means the above.
Jeff: Damn, D you got cakes.
D: What broskee?
D: What cake?
Jeff: Naw dude. You banged that girl. You got cakes.
D: Oh. Okay.
by Doogy in m-f January 30, 2009
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A phrase used to describe a woman with a large and nice ass. The reason it is called cakes is because everybody loves cakes, nice and tasty.
by @AyeIts2Fresh February 27, 2014
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Having a nice and juicy ass.
Daaamn son, you girls got the cake!

I need to hit the gym so black guys stop telling me I got the cake!
by the cake chef January 9, 2011
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meaning she got two fat ass cheeks rubbing up on each other in them yoga pants and it makes my dickkkk throbbbb
rakeem: she got them cakes my nigga ..... tyrone: i gotta go beefstrokeitoff sonson ill be back from the bathroom in 5mins
by ~KLOWDY~420~ December 15, 2013
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