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Gorillian is a term used to define 1million Gorillas. Not very often a term used in modern day society, but this is purely for the reason that there is no place in which a million Gorillas live. However currently the Gorillas are being trained by Joe, Matt and Jack to take over the world. The gorillian HQ shall not be disclosed for obvious reasons..

..This term was invented by 'Joe' as a means of saying 'one million gorillas' quicker.
'Oh dear God! The Gorillians have taken over Asis and many parts of America!'
by Matthias (Brother In Flares) December 18, 2004
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A Gorillian is, simply, one million Gorillas. The term was first coined by Jane Goodall as she was doing her research on primates. As she came across each Gorilla, she realized it would be most difficult to count the number of Gorillas she would be studying. That night Gorillian was invented.
Did you hear that Gorillas have been removed from the endangered species list? They just reached a Gorillian!
by Julius Eagon November 14, 2007
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A million gorrillas. There are currently 3 gorillians and each have heroic leaders and are fighting a war against the chimpillians. They are highly trained and ready to rip of the arms of all chimps and eat their courpes.
"The gorillians are advancing"
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