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A Pixelated monster referred to in episode 50 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force entitled "Final Mooning". The Gorgotron is a monster that lives on the moon that has destroyed the armies and "craps" of the moon people. In this episode The Mooninites plant a game called "Moon Master" under Meatwad's pillow. This game is the initiation into a ultra uber warrior club called "The Moon Masters". Basically this club is just a money making scheme planned by The Mooninites. To defeat the Gorgotron you will need the "Lunar Scepter", there is but one in the known galaxy, but they are sold in 3 packs. You will also need the "Lunar Melting Amulet", which is made of high tension moon noodles, which no mortal man can destroy. If these items do not work you will need the special "Gorgotron Repellent", well actually, this will just piss him off more, but he is un-beatable so dont even mess with that fatty. And definately dont try to sell him anything because he will say no, with his foot.
"Err: The Gorgotron has destroyed our armies and villages and people and all of our pets and he has layed waste to all of our..craps.
Ignignokt: Crops is what I typed, Err.
Err: But it says "craps".
Ignignokt: I know, Err.
Err: Craps is funnier.
Ignignokt: I've processed that humor.
Err: It should be craps, cause craps is a funny word.
Ignignokt: Maybe we'll go with that."
by XxHIxX November 02, 2006
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