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Rock'n'roll, a word used to describe a lifestyle as well as music, Gore'n'roll does both these things but adds more horror to the cliche sex and drugs elements in the so-called "glamorous" rock'n'roll.
Gore'n'roll adds blood, terror and horror, many followers will enjoy typical eighties B-Movies and Video Nasties. There maybe a fascination with death (in a non-emotional way)such as zombies, necrophilia and so on.
Many followers of Gore'n'roll will like dressing up in DIY bloody costumes and listen to a wide range of music (physcobilly, horror-punk, death-metal, etc), some of it more obscure. There is no definitive Gore'n'roll band.
I'm dressing up for the Gore'n'roll party, wanna watch a film to get some ideas?
by gorenroll July 02, 2006
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