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one of a kind person
a guy-magnet
has a wacko side
awesome name
gordana's a kind of name that likes to go to yogomango
so chill
have you ever seen a Gordana like her? what an ill person
that Gordana? all she does is look at pickup lines
by wordood June 05, 2009
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highly classified bitch
hated by peers
revolts boys
talked about because of her whoring reputation
known to sleep with any guys no matter the age difference or gender
is highly avoided
two faced
dont be a Gordana
how much for an hour in bed, Gordana?
what did that Gordana do now
that bitchy Gordana
i hear shes a real Gordana in bed
lets have some Gordana Gordana after the prom
do you preffer a Gordana on top or below?
failed a math test?
by monica pol September 13, 2008
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