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This is a term used for the schizophrenic state of being excessively goofy and excessively serious, the ability to switch between the two, and being nowhere in between. This is generally encountered in high school band, choir, and other such musical groups. On their free time, they may act like stupid 5-year-olds. Some may even laugh at everything, every atom moved, every word spoken, even if to others it is dumb.

But when around adults, and in concerts, they become boring. In fact, very boring. They are obsessed with rules and such, and obey them like robots. They respect everyone, no matter how weird they are. And after the show, they switch back.
Goorious people are made fun of because they are goorious.

The chorus consisted of two groups: one made up of nerds obsessed with theory, and the other of goorious oddballs who would be bullied if they werent in the group.
by Urine Corporation October 13, 2012
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