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Rap music that appeals to Goons, the lyrics are laced with profane language, horrible grammar, ghetto slang, and other obscenities. The message of the song is always the same, the singer boasts about how how they overcame their harsh upbringing, their wealth, aggressiveness to others, sexual relations with loose women, and everything else that nobody gives a damn about.

The main audience of these songs are ghetto, aggressive, rude, ignorant African Americans.

As Tyrone burst through the door he shouted, "See a fuck nigga, shoot a fucknigga"! in an atrociously loud voice. He had a firm grip on his groin as he walked to his cliche of goons, but it was not enough to prevent his britches from sagging well below his waste. One could argue that it was due to the overwhelming weight of his "swag", or it could be his ignorance. You choose, but I'm going with the latter.

You might call me a racist, but I am black. And not all music is the same. The corruption of today's African American youth can definitely be connected to the epidemic of Goon Tunes.
Rich Homie Quan - Fuck Nigga,

Figg Panamera, Migos - Pocket Watchin

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by Glix July 18, 2014
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