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An object of great beauty and wealth. Similar to that of a Chocolate Fountain differing as it spews deliciously cheap goon from its summit. Goon Fountains are a highly sought after commodity usually evoking jealousy and other shifty personality traits in their provider. These character flaws can swell and cause said promises to disappear 'just like writing in the sand'. Many compare the promise of a goon fountain to that of the promised lands, wishing the god of goon would not renigger on his offering. In the past when said providers have gone back on their words they have gained many titles and criticisms including; forsaker of bonds, renouncer of ties and the dog without a tail. Someone who goes back on a promised goon fountain may also be referred to as a 'goon fountainer' or said to be 'goon fountaining' usually implying an act of betrayal greater than dogging.
Trusting Friend - Hey Dawg, how about that goon fountain?
Dawg - this goon is mine, all the way to the old fence line
Trusting Friend - Oh Come On! Ya Damn Jurk


Person 1 - Did u hear about that jurk totally goon foutaining that guy the other day?
Person 2 - Yeah man it was fucked he bench pressed his entire family for messing up his hair
Person 1 - REAL!?
by WhiteAlwaysMovesFirst May 30, 2013
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