Derived from the popular game show 'Wheel of Fortune', this involves pegging a number bags of goon to a rotary clothesline such as the very Australian, Hills Hoist. Partners stand around the clothesline and the host (usually in a dress) spins the clothesline and goon of fortune is shouted out. When the bags stop whatever partners, one must scull the goon whilst the other partner performs some sort of stunt (running around, push ups etc) come back and tag their partner who stops drinking. This continues until the goon runs out.
1: Dude, what happened to your shirt.
2: Goon of fortune.
by spooned May 22, 2005
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Goon-of-fortune can be played at any good party, or gives any shit party a good kick. All that is needed is a goon bag and a clothesline. Everyone takes his or her position under the clothesline & the bag is pegged on. The clothesline is spun around while everyone is singing the theme song for WHEEL-OF-FORTUNE. The lucky person the bag lands on gets to have a good mouthful & the bag line is spun again till everyone is too drunk to spin.

Goon-of-fortune is highly recommended for any party that has a “Hills Hoist” clothesline in the back yard.
'Let's hit the clothes line, its time to get fucked on Goon-of-fortune!!!!'
by Alice.F June 8, 2006
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A game played by western sydney people where they hang a bag of goon off the washing line aka hillshoist then everyone stands around it and spins it and whoever it stops in front if has to drink the goon for 5 seconds.
(At a party) Yo its time for some goon of fortune!
by Anthony1 February 1, 2007
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