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A goombee is a creature who is described as greasy or slimy and usually shit brown in colour .They are human like in shape but tend to be tallest at 4ft . They are covered in nasty puss filled barnicles which pop when they are excited and they stank of rotten meat and pig semen. They tend to live in dark , cold places like under a bridge or in caves. In their homes they masturbate for warmth and feast upon human testicles which they hunt at rastle up under the moonlight from unsespecting senoir men. They are a close relative to the skwag.
Two senoir men at a table

"I was out hiking last night and I stumbled upon a goombee cave" said Joe
"Did they take your testicls?"said Bill
"Naw, they were too busy jakin it" laughed Joe
"Hahahahha they are always beating it" chuckled Bill
by M.W.P 9 July 03, 2013
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