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gerund or present participle : googstalling

To stall a friend that has asked a question you want him/her to believe you already knew, with a random question or sometimes off topic spiel, so you are able to Google the answer and seem 'in the know'
Difficult to pull off face to face but more suited to phone conversations so as not to alert suspicion(NOTE : Laptop and Desktop PC typing can usually be heard)

The result of the correct answer is then known as a goog-lie (goog-lieing)
Phone conversation

Elton : Hey I watched a great documentary on Lesotho last night, so you know where that is?

Simon : Yes but (the but is where Simon can now googstall and find out the answer) before I forget I'm sure I seen your sister in Tesco last night. (Gather as much info as possible on Google while Elton answers the stall)

Elton : Um, I'm not sure, she may have been there, you'd have to as...

Simon : Sorry to have changed the subject earlier, I think you were asking about Lesotho. Ah yes a lovely, enclaved, landlocked country in Southern Africa, capital is Maseru. What about it?

Elton : Yes that's it, amazing what happened there in 1884...

Simon : I think you mother was with your sister too last night (heard tapping away on keyboard).
by WelshRuffster March 05, 2017
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