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The Google sheep is a very strange, zombie-like individual. Google sheep flock to Google for all their questions and/or to come off smart. They will type in search terms using quotations, because that to them means they will get the most accurate and valid results; the first 10 entries are the only acceptable entries, except in the case of images, in which all are valid and "fun" to pester random people on forums, messengers, or email.

Google sheep are commonly seen lurking around, looking for something to Google late into the night and early morning - 3am is high time for the sheep. Online forums are the most common gathering place for the sheep.

Mating is unheard of, unless they use their Googling skills to pick up tips that are created by other Google sheep, and by chance find another sheep just as desperate.

Their diet is based on candy, soda, and Ramen noodles, but only if time allows; some searches distract the sheep from the normal mode of life for several hours at a time.
Someone randomly sent me an image of a yellow umbrella, telling me they save lives and sent me a link to a site full of more pointless umbrellas - what a Google sheep.
by teh ebil ducky August 27, 2006
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