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Not to be confused with a Google Bomb

A Google Vomit is a Google search linked in an attempt to discredit an opponent in a discussion, usually in a forum or blog, with no clue as to what link in that search is important to the discussion.

It is done in an attempt to overwhelm an opponent with cites, the one that made the search usually does not bother to check if the links are relevant, the one making the Google Vomit expects his/her opponent to do the effort to find the relevant citations. It's an attempt to discourage an opponent or to make him/her waste time.

Google searches give you thousands if not millions of links, one gets a "vomit" of information because it usually includes contradictory or irrelevant citations when there is no specific link pointed at.

This applies also when a dishonest or clueless debater tells an opponent to do a search engine and search for specific words, once again, there is no mention of what specific cite to check.
1) "This -link to a Google Vomit- shows that there are 1,000,005 mentions of 'XXXX', so when you claim that 'XXXX' does not exist you are an ignorant!"

2) "Hah! you are a clueless dolt! Look for xxxx and xxxxx in Google! See what you get? I win!"
by Eduardo del Norte January 03, 2012
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The act of deliberately ensuring fowl, lewd, and generally obscene search results as the most popular results for any given thing entered into Google. Often used to shamble someone’s name, and generally requires a lot of people to participate in the vomiting for it to be successful.
Jane: I tried to look up information about Rick Santorum on Google and got search results talking about anal sex feces, who the hell is hacking Google?

Tom: Nobody’s hacking Google, they are just vomiting on it.

Jane: What?

Tom: it's called a Google Vomit when poele deliberetly skew search results on Google.

Jane: Oh, OK now I get it.
by Like50Rednecks February 22, 2011
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