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The pseudonym for Google being an American owned, but operated from an Islamic idealogy. The co-founders; Larry Page and Sergey Brin, incorporated the company in 1998. By 2004 it had reached an implied value of almost $25B dollars. Its unofficial slogan, coined by Gmail's first engineer, Paul Buchheit, was "Don't be evil." Although the largest, most powerful internet search engine will practically help you search for anything, it has a built in self protection ID (Islamic Detection) that keeps both founders and the majority of Islamic information, in it's own Goggle "bubble", thus not allowing anything negative, slanderous, or "evil". However, as with Islam, there are two very different sides to Googlam. One side tries peacefully to help spread unbiased electronic information around the world, (through a database unknown to most humans), while the the other side continually tries to dominate the world, (one small lawsuit at a time) by making and gaining attention anytime someone or something steps in it's path. It's shear size and financial power will make most simply step aside, however if a publicaly viewed, explosive courtroom battle is what it takes to get the point across, Google has a continuing supply of young lawyers just wanting the chance to show they'd die to work for one of the largest companies in the world.
Googlam will always help you find what you want, unless it's not in the best interest of Google.

Googlam will be willing to sacrifice a small part of its self, in order to create attention, commotion, and it's own self awareness.

Google believes they are the only true search engine and believe they were actually created even before Al Gore invented the internet on his home Apple computer.
by MPOV January 10, 2010
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