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Retail shopper in the Los Angeles area most commonly of middle eastern ethnicity( Persian, Arab, Israeli, or Armenian even Russian, or Eastern European) who demonstrates rude behavior in a retail store.

A persistant pest who will grind salesmen and store owners on price unscroupulously with rediculous haggling, or plain lieing, and contemptuous disrespectful behavior.

One who feels that the seemingly limitless wealth of the United States should be dropped at their feet simply because "they" have arrived.
The "Googlah" lied to the store owner over the price of the sofa on display in his window. She claimed it was cheaper across the street at his competitor's store. After investigating it was discovered that it actually cost the same, and she gave them the same story to his competitor about his prices. She and her husband then stated that the store owners salesman treated them rudely in an attempt to guilt him into lowering his price. What Googlahs!
by 240ups June 12, 2010
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