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goodwillionaire n. (gud wil' eon air)

1. Person who makes over 100k per year, but shops at Goodwill at least once per month. 2. A rich person who can afford brand name merchandise, but chooses to shop at Goodwill because of the thrill of the bargain. 3. Persons who like to save money on "garage sale" items sold at Goodwill, but don't necessarily need to save the money because of their affluent status.
"My boss is a "goodwillionaire"..he makes twice what I do, but he always brags about buying shirts, cds, and even shoes at Goodwill"

"I bought this toaster at Goodwill for 2 bucks....and I even saved more on used "beaded seat covers" for my Lexus"

"My son works part time at Goodwill, and he recently sold my friend Jack from the country club a "goodwillionaire" sportcoat.
by Viva Vic Vegas September 12, 2008
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