It's a New York expression. When you are OK, when you do not need any further explanation, or when someone tries to make you shut up, they say "You Good Money". meaning everything is OK.
Guy 1: Yo.. I didnt tell her that yo...

Guy 2: Aight, You Good Money, B.
by Kishamela October 8, 2008
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Another way to say you feel like you spent a lot of money.
"Now people can buy or get the abandoned map and the shotty for free or little money on PS Store! I did not even get an early with mine! I spent good money for it too!"
(referencing the early that is currently not happening due to PSN downtime and then when PSN came back up and everyone got a chance to input the codes they find they cannot use it due to server maintenance while PS Plus get it for free and everyone else might be able to buy it)
by tbclycan June 2, 2011
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You okay, your alright,doing fine, you straight, in the clear
Someone says "you good money", is saying that all is allright, or that you will be straight.
by Ohmod Logan June 23, 2006
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see luke and leigh's pending homecoming plans
Luke's night is gonna be good money.
by Dr dvcc October 9, 2008
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To get good money in an inside joke between a girl and her father.

We all got good money in some way but my money is the best and has an awesome origin story.
"So dad, do you have any news"
"I got good money"
"No- wait-"
by Rachaelwithan"a"attheend July 12, 2021
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IN BRIEF: Getting or taking money can sometimes lead to repercussions or consequences.
DUDE#1: I gotta hit the spot.
DUDE #2: I wouldn't do that, cat. All money aint good money. Plus police out deep anyway.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 14, 2009
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A phrase David uses that has no numerical value, after several inquiries David will still not disclose how much "good ass money" actually is.
"Dude it doesn't matter dude, he's still gonna be making good ass money."

"What the hell is good ass money?"

"Yeah I'll finally be making that good ass money!"
by Billy8686 November 20, 2013
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