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1. A rare specimen of Kosher man-meat most easily identified by an unruly mop of hair, also known as a "Jew Fro."

2. A highly skilled bass player whose abilities also extend to removing Rold Gold Pretzel Holds whilst simultaneously popping addy's and smoking fatty's on the Roof of Death.

3. An aggressor in the bedroom, the sexual partner of the Gooberman is often seen roaming the streets of midtown New York, decorated with skin discolorations of the hickie and S&M origin.

origin: Israel/Hebrew/The Holy LAnd
Example 1
Man walks into barber shop and says "Hey Mr Barber, give me "The Gooberman."
Barber takes a fat hit and blows a shotty directly into the man's mop while ruffling it with his hands and massaging a mixture of Dewars and PBR into his scalp.

Example 2:
Girl One: "Hey Girl 2, what is that texas sized hickie on your neck?!?"

Girl Two: "Oh nothing, I Just got Gooberman'd again last night."
by Sparkles & Rainbows, JIT inc. September 01, 2010
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