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The Gonchingbockler Is a very elongated suicidal crew member faced creature, that enjoys dribbling on inappropiate facists. It plays hockey with babies for a laugh and enjoys being a mothcat at half past goat. In it's spare time it acts like a question mark so people will like it, unfortunatly all sense of turnip is now wheelbarrows. When the Gonchingbockler dies everyone pokes it cos it's entertaining to poke dead stuff, closely related to the skinberry, the Gonchingbockler is called toby and is a retired skiing instructor when it finishes Reading the possum bag. If you ask it nicely it may do the crimple dance. Minge.
Person "Oh look a Gonchingbockler!"

Gonchingbockler "shut up, you're horrid"

Person "Leave me alone toby"

Gonchingbockler "no"
by Vooble Jet October 15, 2009
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