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A precious bean, worthy of all the love. Hisoka, back the fuck off.
Hisoka: my unripe fruit, Gon Freecss

Everyone else: ...
by icanbeyourwaifu November 14, 2019
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Child. GREEN SPIKY HAIR- WHAT. Hes child from Hunter x Hunter. 5’1 tall. 12 years old. Birthday- 5/3. HES MALE. Hes very much ugly but cute. Hes legs are VERY LONG.
Person B: Whos your favourite hxh character?
Person A: Gon Freecss
Person B: Ok
by Kurapikagettingpegged November 2, 2020
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kid who probably has a crush on killua without knowing it. innocent but could punch you into outer space
has an asshole dad

gets preyed on by a weird clown pedo
"gon freecss"
"that's a weird last name. anyways, where'd his dad go?"
by rayisprettygay April 5, 2021
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