The Gomlich effect is used to describe the consequences of a girl screaming in cheer, particularly for a boyband.

The term was coined in 2000 by fictional character "Chef" in Comedy Central's South Park when consulting Eric Cartman on how to make his boyband Fingerbang popular.

According to Chef, "The Gomlich effect is the law of physics which states that if one girl screams for something, it will make other girls scream, and it will grow exponentially until all girls within a five-mile radius are screaming."
The boys wanted to become famous by using the Gomlich Effect.
by Imakoo March 2, 2006
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The law of physics that states that if one teenage girl is screaming for something, other nearby teenage girls will begin screaming for it, and the mass of screaming girls will grow exponentially until every teenage girl within a four-mile radius is screaming.
Backstreet Boys are the worst band ever, and their success was based only on the Gomlich Effect
by fraghappy December 1, 2004
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