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A group/family of people, the men in this group are hard workers with high work ethics. The young men in this group are hardworking and an respectful and very athletic yet they can be layed back and like to stay up late and sleep in, they are also great with modern technology. The woman in the group can occasionally be hard working, they make excellent mothers, they're able to handle multiple things and are great at multitasking, it would be unwise to start an argument with one, you will loose in a matter of minutes and they will never let you forget. The young woman in this group are very rarely hard working, and very rarely respectful, they can be very sassy an annoying but they can also be sometimes nice.
Girl1- Wow, your boyfriend is so cool!

Girl2- Yeah, he is a Golob!

Girl1- Does have a twin? ;)

Girl2- No, back off he's mine
by ThisIsAsh200413 June 04, 2018
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