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When a person is excessively picky about looking for the "perfect" or "just right" option in any situation be it another person, place or thing because they believe they always have an ocean of options to choose from. So said picky person discards many potential options for very petty reasons because they believe they have infinitely better options to choose from when in reality their options are rather limited.
This girl complains about not being able to find a boyfriend. Yet she keeps tossing away many potential suitors because she's always under the belief that she can always find someone better. She's got Goldilocks syndrome, she points out this one guy is great but he is too short for her liking. She said this other guy was wonderful also but he's younger than her so that's a turn off for her. In her constant pursuit of looking for the guy who's "just right" is gonna leave her either lonely or with trashy guys for a good long while...
by ThaDaLinkWent July 07, 2018
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When the bed is either too soft or too hard, and you have a horrible night sleep
Person 1: Man I hate working away, it's so hard too sleep on this bed it's way too soft.

Person 2: looks like you suffering from goldilocks syndrome, better go get some sleeping pills.
by Dyabolikal June 20, 2016
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