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The Golden Load is a move similar to the Golden Shower, but is sneaky. It's the act of giving a facial after sex or blowjob, but instead of rewarding the lucky woman (or man) with a sticky wad, you begin to piss upon their face.

*Warning, this may lead to some unwanted conflicts or the knowledge of a weird fetish by your significant other.
Alex: Oh my god dude, funniest shit ever.
Derek: What man? What?!?!?
Alex: So lastnite when Amanda was giving me head, I totaly pulled out and told her I was about to cum, but instead I gave her the Golden Load and I pissed on her face. Caught her off gaurd so bad.
Derek: What the fuck? Really?
Alex: No, I was joking.
Derek: Alright, that'd be gross.
Alex: It was actually your mom.
by Derek H. aka xmypantsx August 01, 2008
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