Is a rich heart, full of love, faith and good values. The one who has a heart of these shining into the breast is an illuminated one that deserves respect and loyalty of everyone. That individual is commonly disposed to claim for your own rights and of the others with strong temperament and wisdom.
"That boy has a golden heart."
That means he is a special boy, unlike the others.
by Raion November 3, 2013
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a pure hearted person who can do no harm
sweetie you are so golden hearted
by terry 2 September 4, 2010
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When a person, usually shy or insecure; sees another person who they think is incredibly attractive, and then can't think straight as a result of seeing the attractive person. After which, the person thinks to him/herself and becomes in disbelief and low self-esteem that they can't ask that person out because they aren't "worthy" to ask out someone so appealing.

This is golden heart syndrome, the act of throwing one self away from potential romance in belief that "they deserve better". Golden heart syndrome also has other side effects, such as refusing to ask someone out because the person they are going to ask might already be spoken for, thus it would be intrusive on that person's relationship.
*Shy dude with Golden Heart Syndrome walks into store and notices one of the ladies there was extremely beautiful that he previously seen there before. *

Beautiful lady: "Hey, welcome to PC shop, what can I help you with?"

Shy dude: "Umm uhhh right, I was uh.. Looking for a... Actually, I think I need to go..."

*Shy dude rushes out the door, sweating and nervous to get fresh air.*

Shy dude: "I don't deserve her. She needs someone better than me."

Pedestrian: "You ok pal? You look all riled up!"

Shy dude: "Oh me? I... I think i'll be ok..."
by Anti-bser-missile January 12, 2013
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RamCharan Man With Golden Heart.
Yes He is Gold. He had a good nature and good heart Man With Golden Heart RC
by RamCharan November 23, 2020
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