When in a moment of sexual experimentation a woman (or man) can constrict the blood flow or urine flow to their partners penis with any object made of gold (white gold will also work). this could be tying the penis off with a gold bracelet or neacklace, it could be smashing a golden ring around a penis that is too small to fit, or it could be just loading the penis with broaches and hat pins. The result of the act is a beautiful purple hued throwbing, possible bleading, member (which can be very attractive to your parnter... if there in to that :-/
Jeff: Oh ya give it to me baby!
Danea: seriously you want me to what ever do the D gold-damer?
Jeff: ya what ever that is...

Later on..

Jeff: wow I regret that!

Dana: there is blood every where!

Example 2.
KC: So i gave this dude a D gold damer and when he came his dick exploded.

Danea: Ya I also gave the D gold damer and Jeffs penis fell off after we both passed off before we remember to un wrap the chain around his dick. ooops

Aron: I cant believe you girls are giving guys D gold damers. I always stick to the cosby sweater or at least the mexican avalanche
by Mathesius the Bold October 30, 2011
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