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( Noun); A spring flower. Not to be confused with Gulbahar- a luscious area of greenery located just North of Kabul, where the best mulberry in the country is grown.

Don ‘t let the sweet nectar of this noun fool you, the Golbahar often wears a delightful facade to cover up it’s somewhat devious intentions. Hence the derivation of the popular saying “Party like a Golbahar.” The flower may surprise you, as it has a mind of it’s own and blossoms in the most peculiar of times.

Golbahar ( Adj.): At a loss for words? Golbahar can be used as a descriptive device to brighten up most any sentence. "“ The sky was painted with Golbahar colors and it was certainly a sunset to remember…”
Man, your moves resemble the rarity of a spring flower, teach ME how to Golbahar!
by MittyCent16 July 27, 2011
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