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The 'Goku Button' comes from a gag from the "Dragon Ball Z Abridged" series from Team FourStar on YouTube. The Goku Button gets pressed whenever someone is offended by being called 'second fiddle' and the offender wants the main character instead. The 'second fiddle' then begins to brutally hurt the offender. Used for comedic effect.
Namely occurs in the case of Goku as main character and Vegeta as second-fiddle.
CELL: "Listen, Vegeta, I'm in the middle of something more important than whatever... THIS is. So if you just want to run along and bring back someone substantial, say, I don't know... Goku? That'd be great."
VEGETA: (sighs and proceeds to power up)
CELL: (sarcastically) "Oh, what's wrong, prince? Did I touch a nerve?"
TRUNKS: "You pressed the Goku Button."
CELL: "Excuse me, but what-"
(VEGETA proceeds to punch CELL far in the stomach.)
VEGETA: "Ya shouldn't -a did that."
by tkain February 22, 2018
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The Goku Button is a bad button do not press this button or your in for a world of pain. The "Goku Button" originated from a YouTube series named "Dragon Ball Z Abridged". The Goku Button is an excuse for vegeta to beat the shit out of someone, It also provides good comedic effect.
"If you could be like everyone else and wait for goku that'd be great" -Cell

"*Deep Inhale*" -Vegeta

"You pushed the Goku Button"-Trunks

*Vegeta punches cell*
"Ya shouldn't a did that"-Vegeta
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by Gaara1733 August 08, 2017
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