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A bottom-feeding parasitic sea mollusc, which is able to adhere to other living things, esp. those in close contact with it, and suck their soul and good karma out, slowly yet surely. Victims are usually aware of their presence by a sharp stench, a prominent attribute of GohKaiLians, emmited through air pores on their skin surface.

A GohKaiLian resembles a hybrid between a defective slug and a thick wad of body hair. The only known action to be taken against attacks from such vile pests is one that is distasteful but efficient. When you realise that your soul is being endangered by them, your immediate reflex would be to take hold of both cheeks of their butts and just rip them apart.

Alternatively, they could be squashed and blended into a vile tasting sort of juice that only fatpees and tthews enjoy for they believe it in its great powers of corruption.
'Go forth and eradicate GohKaiLianism' yells one anti-goh to another.
by anti-goh August 15, 2006
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