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The description of any object with a positive connotation and or to answer a question with a positive response.

Pronounced like the word go with an sh ending. Go and then stress the sh like shhh. As in telling someone to shh or be quiet.

Goesh can't be used in place of a negative response therefore must always follow the word no if responding negatively to a question or comment.
Mike: "Hey Jack, would you like to go to the bar to get a drink?"
Jack: "Goesh!"

Larry: "My word Carl that girl over there is the bees knees wouldn't ya say?
Carl: "Wow she is goesh!"

Clifton: "Say Johnny would you like to have some of my eel pie?"
Johnny: "No goesh man! Who are you? That's the grossest thing I've ever heard you say. Don't talk to me anymore Clifton. Ever!"
by Captain Galbz May 20, 2010
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