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An unusually large penis. Large in both length and girth. A Godzilla Penis is said to be so good it can actually rip a girl in half, not simply make her feel like she's being ripped in half.

In Japan, the Godzilla Penis is a legendary penis, said to belong to a hero who will save the world from destruction.

Police Officer: 911, what's your emergency?

Man: Um, I think I killed my girlfriend.

Police Officer: What happened?

Man: I split her in half with my Godzilla Penis when we tried to have sex! Oh God! Oh God what have I done?!


"Long ago, a prophecy foretold of a hero from a land far to the east saving the world with his giant penis. A penis of Godzilla proportions. Known as the Godzilla Penis."
by FatJackson October 16, 2009
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A large Asian penis. Roughly the same as BBC is for large black cock.

Named after Godzilla due to it's Asian origin and mythical existence.
Girl 1: I've almost completed my sexual bucket list.

Girl 2: What's left to do?

Girl 1: Do a Godzilla penis and have sex with a 40 yr old virgin?

Girl 2: At least one is doable.
by partygrrrl May 07, 2013
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