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A Godshine is a type of attack in the facebook application, Warbook.
"Play as a Godshine General, its the best way to play."

"I attacked another player and got a massive Godshine on him."

The Gods shine upon you! A divine power grants you victory in battle. You break through AzPharizon's defenses and capture 1,239,073 acres of land and 0 gold! You lose 3,363 soldiers, 0 knights, 0 pikemen, and 5,612 elites. They lose 0 soldiers, 0 knights, 0 pikemen, and 6,221 elites.

InViNcibLe GeNeRaL attacked your kingdom and the Gods granted them victory! You lost the battle, losing 648 soldiers, 0 knights, 0 pikemen, 8,227 zombies, 308,510 acres, and 0 gold! However, your army managed to kill 5,599 troops.
by InViNcibLe GeNeRaL November 20, 2008
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