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Hot tattooed 'alt' girls of the internet softcore porn industry.
The Godsgirls are often compared to the suicide girls, after recently winning a in a lawsuit battle between the two sites godsgirls comes out on top where they should be. Quote "Suicide girls are the kind of girls you f*ck in an ally after the show, Godsgirls are they type of girls which you meet in the coffee shop and go home and jerk off over for the next month" I think that explains it perfectly.
Suicide is a mortal sin, repent at!

Dude, you know that singer from bring me the horizon his girls a godsgirl!

Man have you seen the sick ink on these godsgirls!
by whodatpatches August 10, 2008
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Hot woman of legal age that are part of an ellite group of the "alt" internet softcore porn industry. They are also known to reak of awesome
Kate and Melonie are Godsgirls and show their boobies and tatood bodies on the internet.
by kyleofGG June 12, 2007
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Beautiful, sexy, smart, alternative porn models doing hardcore sets and softcore ones.
Also a community in which members and models communicate and quite often become friends through forums, chat and journals.
Annaliese created God's Girls.
All the girls on God's Girls are sexy as hell!
by DanyaMichelle September 24, 2008
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Ugly, tacky, women who claim to be models. They could never be as beautiful as certain Suicide Girls such as Bully, Venla, Eliska, Bowie, Nixon, and Twwly.
The site is unpleasant to look at.
GodsGirls reek of ugly
by i_heart_broken February 17, 2008
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