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1. An exclamation of distress or ire.

2. An adjective describing an impossibly large quantity.

Sweet Godcock of Christ, Mr. Patterson!


Man do I have a Godcock of work to do tonight.

by Werbsmith August 30, 2007
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The MASSIVE and all powerful Cock of God, that comes down from the heavens to punish religious doers who have erred,

by smacking them in the face on both cheeks.
"And thy God Cock shall come crashing down from thy heavens, And thou shalt know the wrath of thy God Cock,

For generation upon generation."

-Leviticus 13:5
by religious doer April 18, 2010
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Usually an interjection. The word itself can have many literal meanings, however, based on your standpoint on matters of religion or diety. The 'God Cock', per se, could either be,for example, Absolutley massive, on a godly scale, to non-existent from an atheistic viewpoint.
God Cock! My testicles are perspiring. Marc, wipe them for me.

As a gerund or modifier: This is God-cocking bullshit.
by Emoxgodxcock July 12, 2005
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