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Verb: Nerf, in a brutal, and epic way.

Something that happens to people who ignore the creator of a fictional universe. Specifically when you create a race so powerful, it has individuals that can challenge the might of the gods in said fictional universe.

It is the ultimate way of nerfing additions to a fictional universe that you have created.
This is what it is, to be 'God-Stomped':

The God Ves was chosen to show these two upstart races, who would call themselves 'gods', what a REAL God could do. Ves descended from his celestial throne, with a wrath in his eyes, none had yet seen, in heaven, or in the physical plane. As he descended, his feet could be seen from all known parts of the world. They were massive. Larger than any mountain that existed in the physical realm. If one looked straight up, from the foot of the massive figure, their vision would not be able to reach above the knee. Ves had come. And he was angry.

His right foot, fell on the first 'god' nation. Crushing all but one castle to rubble, and all but one thousand of the race who would be 'gods' along with them. As his left foot fell, the second 'god' race saw it above, and on reflex alone, they rebelled against their impending doom. Their powerful magics, able to change the very face of the world when combined, were nothing to the foot of the God named Ves. He stomped on them, harder than was necessary, but to make a point. Any resistance to a God such as him, would not be tolerated. And so, all but a single castle of the second 'god' race remained, and for their rebellion, only six hundred of their population remained.
by Cyber_Donkey July 25, 2012
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