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Guardians who agree to love and care for the child as their own. A second set of parents if you will. They promise to be there to guide the child and teach them right from wrong, to love and nurture them as their parents would. In the event that the biological parents should both pass away, the godparents agree to accept the child as their own.
We are so thankful Anna has god parents who spend so much time with her.
by Godwilling June 1, 2017
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Someone who treat the kids as there spends time with the kid and is there for the kid money wise when real parents can't or just need a little help
Jj god mama is going to buy him diapers . Lisa & Jake are jj god parents . Jake is his god dad
by Jabae moore August 17, 2015
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often occurs when subject is fairy; determined if parents have wings and halo.
Dont get mixed with Fairly Odd Parents-we all have those.
Fairy God Parents are magic.
by allie7687578 May 1, 2006
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